K2016 Moretto Preview

Kuststoffe, more commonly known as K, is widely regarded as one of the most important exhibitions for the plastic processing industry. It is held every three years in October in Dusseldorf, Germany.

At this year’s show the Italian company Moretto, a leader in automation technology for the plastics processing industry, will present several exclusive solutions: MOISTURE METER™, a resin moisture analyzer; XD 10, a high performance mini-dryer; DGM, a continuous batch gravimetric dosing unit; and EXA, a conveying system for up to six stations.

Moisture Meter_On the machineMOISTURE METER™
MOISTURE METER™ is an in-line resin moisture analyzer. At Moretto’s booth there will be a working display of the system installed on a running injection molding machine producing a standard medical device. The MOISTURE METER™ project was started at Moretto six years ago and is the culmination of the cooperation of two universities and an independent research laboratory. Trial applications, at Moretto customer sites, have been running for over one year and have contributed to continued product development. Today, MOISTURE METER™ is ready for wide sale distribution and K will be an opportunity to announce it’s global availability.

With this instrument it is possible to certify the production of plastic parts and when installed directly on the processing machine, measures the actual moisture content of the plastic granules.

No calibration is required and it is only necessary to select the polymer, from an included materials database, to be treated and MOISTURE METER™ will continuously control the process with sampling every 10 seconds. MOISTURE METER™ represents the missing link in the overall drying process. With so much energy focused on talking about dryers, their efficiency, the dew point, etc. everyone has ignored the principle objective… regulating how much water remains in the process resin? With MOISTURE METER™ it is now possible to know.

Complementing this innovative instrument is also the availability for on-demand analysis to produce reports on production data by hour, minute, or, in the case of single cavity mould production, a report for every printed piece.

The instrument comes equipped with Ethernet, USB, RS485 communication ports and is compatible with the Moretto Mowis™ supervising system. With the MOISTURE METER™ PLUS upgrade it is also possible to control the dryer performance by comparing the humidity from the initial part of the process to the end and automatically adjusting the dryer parameters to ensure optimal drying. This concept creates a closed loop connecting the material, dryer, process quality, and plastic processing machine and resulting in a condition that leads straight towards INDUSTRY 4.0.

Moretto has one of the broadest range of dryers available on the market and, considering the XMAX™ range, also the largest constant performance drying systems. Now the company, with over 10,000 Dry-Air™ minidryers sold, is expanding the number of these machines equipped with a mini turbocharger and zeolite technology. Similar to XMAX™ the XD10™ mini-dryer, has an included turbocharger, developed in-house, capable of generating the required air flow with a consumption of only 60 Watts. This product guarantees consistent performance and is equipped with industry-leading features including: dew point equalizer; variable adaptive airflow; double turbine (process and regeneration); and a color touch view control. The XD10™ mini-dryer represents a high performance mini-dryer suitable for low production and processing of techno-polymers.

After 16 years since the first DGM™ gravimetric dosing units were first produced, Moretto now announces its latest innovation. With more than 12,000 machines sold worldwide several new innovations have been implemented to make the machine even more functional and precise. The beating heart of these systems, the traditional double eyelid shutter, is unchanged, featuring 25 milliseconds per batch, which is 10 times faster than the most accredited competitors. DGM™ has a renewed chassis design particularly considering visibility to the process. The machine has four opening sides, featuring four transparent panels that provide unique visibility to the dosing process.

The internal parts of the machine are illuminated with multicolor LED lighting with four different colors to signal the machine operating status. The inclined mixer offers precision mixing and emptying without stagnation. In addition, the mixer is weighed on a double load cell to ensure precise weighing and with the included totalizer function the possibility to report the actual consumption. This feature also allows for real-time indication of material consumption and transformation. With these innovations the Moretto DGM™ series of dosing units stand ready to accept the most intensive applications.

EXAEXA™ which is derived from the greek letter “exi” , the perfect number, according to mathematical principle, . is a conveying system capable to manage up to six receivers. It does not require a server and it maintains all the ONE WIRE 3™ centralized system functions.

At the Moretto booth: Hall 11 stand H57 will also be displayed:

  • XMAX™: Innovative modular dryer with consistent performance
  • CROWN™: Totalizer for conveying systems consumption
  • OTX™: High energy efficiency hopper. The “Original Thermal Exchange”
  • ONE WIRE 6™: Wireless auto-adaptive automatic conveying system
  • MASTER 300™: Touch control for centralized conveying systems
  • KRYSTAL DVK™: High visibility, high-precision master volumetric dosing unit
  • TWP S™: 160°C pressurized water temperature controller with high pressure pump

Outside, It will be possible to visit Moretto’s 40 ton articulated lorry, Moretto in Motion, a laboratory of ideas which contain the latest news and innovations from Moretto. This exclusive area is dedicated to the most demanding customers and will be host by professional Moretto staff and with pleasure of a glass of Italian prosecco, beer or a cup of espresso coffee.


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