K 2019 – Driving Force for Innovation and International Business

At the fully booked K 2019, The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, over 3,000 exhibitors from more than 60 nations will present products, processes and practical solutions for a productive and responsible future. As in the past, the majority of the exhibitors come from Europe, particularly from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey, but there will also be an impressive number of participants from the U.S. K reflects the changes in the global market and over the past few years the number of Asian exhibitors increased steadily and this year China, Taiwan, India, Japan and South Korea will have a strong presence. With such a wide array of international exhibitors, K will not only address topics such as energy, resource and material efficiency but also on niche segments. K 2019 will take place from October 16 – 23, 2019 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The K 2019 exhibitors will occupy 1.8 million square feet of net exhibit space in all 18 halls. The products and services will be grouped by category and located in the following halls:

  • Machines and equipment: Halls 1, 3-4 as well as 9-17
  • Raw materials, auxiliaries: Halls 5, 6, 7, 7a, 8a, 8b
  • Semi-finished products, industrial components and reinforced plastics products: Halls 5, 6, 7, 7a, 8a, 8b

K 2019 will represent the industry’s complete production chain and will be the international platform for experts from the plastics and rubber sector to inform attendees from the automotive industry, packaging, E+E and communication, construction, medical engineering and the aerospace sector about new and visionary areas of application for plastics and rubber materials.

Addressing challenges

While the questions of proper disposal and re-use are some of the more significant challenges that come with the use of polymers, plastics and rubber themselves are valuable materials, which need to be produced in a sustainable manner and ideally be reused to create new, high-quality products. This requires that the material design itself ensures a high recycling and maximum recovery rate of the product’s high-quality constituents. Some interesting solutions shown at K 2019 will specifically address these issues. As recycled plastics are increasingly being used as alternative materials, they have become an important starter material for new plastic products. K 2019 will show an overview of the current possibilities and an insight into the industry’s cooperation with different institutions.

Central Issues

Scientists and experts of the K Innovation Circle expect certain topics to dominate the global polymer industry in the next years and have defined the following issues as central for K 2019:

  1. Plastics for Sustainable Development & Circular Economy, featuring for example water management, renewable energy and circular economy.
  2. Digitization of the value added chain / Industry 4.0, featuring the aspect of platform economy and the value added network.
  3. System integration: Functionality through material, process and design, featuring new materials and additive manufacturing, lightweight engineering, mobility (e-mobility) and biopolymers.
  4. Strategic promotion of young professionals for the plastics industry:

Participating universities, institutes, associations and agencies will promote career options in the plastics industry. The German training and qualification initiative KAI will offer exhibitions,  moderated discussions and experiments. The KAI initiative will be co-hosted by the German Association of the Plastics Converters (GKV) e.V., other associations and institutes as well as Messe Düsseldorf.

Special presentation “Plastics Shape The Future”

The special presentation “Plastics Shape The Future” will demonstrate how polymer materials have shaped the appearance of modern settings, which of the emerging developments have already been put into practical application and which of the more visionary ideas have the potential of becoming successful in the future. Crucial topics will be discussed, including packaging waste, marine litter and climate change on the one hand and resource conservation, energy efficiency and recycling on the other.  It will not only offer an international information and networking platform but will also provide for greater involvement of policymakers and socially relevant groups in form of keynote speeches and  talks. This special presentation is a project of the German plastics industry spearheaded by PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. and Messe Düsseldorf.

Special: Science Campus

The Science Campus encourages the discourse between research and industry.  As a forum where businesses and universities can exchange information it also provides K 2019 exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive overview of scientific activities and results in plastics and rubber-related research.

Bioplastics Business Breakfasts

The specialist publication “bioplastics Magazine” in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf will host the four “Bioplastics Business Breakfasts”. They will focus on the future role and the market potential of biopolymers – both bio-based as well as biodegradable polymers. Future opportunities as well as the pros and cons of biopolymers will also be discussed.

Rubberstreet and “Rubber & TPE Pocket Guide”

One of the rubber highlights at K 2019 will again be the Rubberstreet in hall 6, highlighting the innovative performance of this material.  In addition, the ““Rubber & TPE Pocket Guide” will help to identify relevant partners at the exhibition dealing with rubber and elastomers, including TPE. The guide includes the complete value chain from raw material and machinery suppliers to processors.

K 2019 – on all channels with smart online services

Messe Düsseldorf does not only provide service during K 2019 but long before the trade fairs starts – and on all channels. Both the website www.k-online.com and the K 2019 app for iOS and Android OS offer industry news and helpful K 2019 tips to keep visitors up-to-date before their trip to Düsseldorf. The K 2019 exhibitor list and product information can also be found online.  K 2019 is of course also present on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Featuring personalized services such as MyOrganizer, the K portal helps visitors organize their agenda. Travel information including accommodation and activities within Düsseldorf – including online hotel reservation are also available at www.k-online.com. Visitors can purchase their tickets online at reduced rates: 1-day tickets cost EUR 49 each (EUR 75 on show site) and 3-day tickets EUR 108 each (EUR 155 at the show). The tickets allow free use of public transportation within the VRR network.

Optimized matchmaking tool

Before K 2019 starts, visitors and exhibitors can use the optimized matchmaking tool to find contacts and products. The tool will suggest the right contact and allows making appointments. This function can be accessed at https://www.k-online.de/matchmaker2 or via the K Matchmaking App for iOS and Android OS. Ticket holders can easily access the tool by using their login information and specify their interests and search parameters to immediately receive recommendations and personalized contact suggestions.

Destination Düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf, visitors and exhibitors will find a perfectly organized and structured exhibition venue as well as reliable infrastructure – from communication and traffic to accommodations and entertainment. An hourly shuttle service will run from the Düsseldorf airport to the exhibition center and a taxi ride will only take a few minutes to the K 2019 the venue. Düsseldorf is not only an international business and media center, the city also offers attractive entertainment options after the trade fair has closed its doors for the day. There is something for all tastes: numerous restaurants and pubs in the famous “Altstadt” (historical district), elegant stores and shopping malls, a musical stage, the opera and more than twenty museums.

For further information on visiting or exhibiting at K 2019, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, Telephone: (312) 781-5180; E-mail: info@mdna.com; Visit www.k-online.com and www.mdna.com; Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/mdnachicago

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