CHINAPLAS Opens Today with Record High Exhibition Area 3,900+ Global Exhibitors Showcasing “Green, Smart, Advance”

Opening Ceremony of CHINAPLAS 2023.

The global flagship event for the plastics and rubber industries returns to Shenzhen! CHINAPLAS 2023 grandly unveils at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, PR China (SWECC) today (April 17) with all 18 exhibition halls opened for the first time, meaning a record-breaking exhibition area of 380,000 sqm. Under the theme of “A Brighter and Shared Future, Powered by Innovation”, the event will be held from April 17-20 and it gathers over 3,900 quality international exhibitors to showcase plastics and rubber innovative solutions and a series of can’t-miss concurrent events.

“With the upgrading and transforming of manufacturing industry in China, the demand of technological advancement will continue to rise. Shenzhen is recognized as a benchmark city with high-end transformation, playing an indispensable role in this critical era,” said Mr. Stanley Chu, Chairman of the Adsale Group. CHINAPLAS 2023 is coming back to Shenzhen to promote the high-quality development of the industry and advanced manufacturing in order to drive the industry towards “Green, Smart, Advance”.

A Brighter Future for Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Since 1983, accompanying the growth of China’s plastics and rubber industries for 40 years, CHINAPLAS has grown to become the world’s leading plastics and rubber fair widely recognized by the industry as one of the most influential exhibitions in the world. More than 1,500 materials suppliers and 3,000 sets of machinery exhibits stage in total 18 exhibitions halls, supporting smart, efficient, cost-effective, and low-carbon manufacturing. Being the first world-class plastics and rubber industry mega event held in China after the relaxation of pandemic controls, CHINAPLAS can’t wait to show the world advanced technological achievement and breakthrough for high-end manufacturing.

In 2022, the sales of new energy vehicles in China have increased 93.4% and the proportion of clean energy consumption not limited to wind, solar energy, hydrogen energy in China has increased to 25% above. The demand of e-commerce logistics packaging, prefabricated vegetable packaging and innovative medical devices are growing rapidly. Fulfilling these market demands, the exhibition is showcasing a full array of innovative solutions, including over 200 world / Asian debut technologies. Innovative and high-tech materials are presented from long fiber reinforced thermoplastics for different applications, high performance and sustainable flame retardant solutions for EVs to tie layer materials for solar cells and silicone elastomer, which is resistant to -114℃ application scenarios, for biopharma tubing. In the newly introduced Innovative Products Zone, functional film products are displayed, such as biaxially oriented and heat shrinkable films, high barrier packaging bags, LCP films, optical films, lithium battery separator and photovoltaic packaging films, etc., as well as high performance products, such as sheets, plates, bars, pipes and other products made of PEEK, PPS, PAI, PVDF, ETFE, etc.

Apart from exhibits, a variety of concurrent activities are held to further demonstrate the breakthrough and advancement of plastics and rubber solutions. Research and development is essential for enterprises to improve their competitiveness. Renowned scientists and academicians will be invited at the concurrent event – SciXplore Forum to share their views and latest reports on future development trend and scientific breakthrough achievement of polymer industry.

Prof. Yuzhong WANG, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering will share his views on “New Routes and Technologies on Green, Low-Carbon Development of Polymer Materials”. Prof. Chul B. PARK, Academician of The Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering will talk about “Achievement of Plastics Having Both High Toughness and High Stiffness”. Prof. Shuhong YU, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering will focus on “Nanocellulose – Natural Polymer Materials”.

Enterprises categorized under “Professionalization, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation”(PRSI) are new forces and future leading companies in the plastics and rubber industries. Among 3,900+ exhibitors, over 400 enterprises are honored as “PRSI”, and more than 100 national-level enterprises are awarded as a “Little Giant”. To help these rising stars expand their business opportunities, the first “PRSI – Shining Stars in Plastics & Rubber Industries” will be held with the latest policies being introduced by the industry association leaders.  “Professionalization, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation” thematic route is designed, allowing quality buyers from the sectors of automobiles, building material, packaging, electronics etc. to connect face-to-face with “PRSI” enterprises

Industrial design has become a catalyzer for driving industrial transformation and upgrading. CHINAPLAS has been providing strong support to inspire innovative product design ideas in plastic technology.  Under the theme of Product DNA: Low Carbon, Intelligent, Health-pursuit, the concurrent event of CHINAPLAS 2023 – “Design x Innovation” launches two inspiring events, “Design x Innovation Gallery” and “Design Forum” to showcase creative end products and gather experience from global designers.

Molding is one of fundamental and essential manufacturing processes. In the “Empowering Product Quality with Advanced Molding & Innovative Technology” Symposium, it will show how to improve the quality of products and resolve the obstacles in the manufacturing process from the perspective of molding.

A Shared Future with Greenovation and Smart Manufacturing

From swinging robotic arms, product information updating on the screen of the machinery, automated manufacturing line, to different types of bioplastics, recycled products, visitors can capture all of the above in CHINAPLAS and immerse in green, smart, and advance technologies under one roof to foster high-quality development.

Digitalization is the “accelerator” to high-quality growth in manufacturing industry. It’s all about transformation to smart manufacturing in order to respond the increasing needs from customers of mass-producing personalized products. Innovative and high-tech molding technologies will help in carrying out the energy and resources saving and cost reduction, labor-saving with efficiency and intelligence, long-distance control and monitoring, higher integration etc. Clean room injection molding, liquid silicone injection molding, single material film MDO technology, one-step multi-station extrusion/injection stretch blow molding, customized packaging solutions for small products are displayed at the show. Other cutting-edge local inventions including fully automatic cast film extrusion line, super high speed PVC pipe extruder production Line, the global Initiative efficient intelligent extrusion equipment of elongational rheology are also showcased in the exhibition.

CHINAPLAS 2023 spares no effort to intensify innovations towards sustainability development. At the show, visitors can discover bioplastics with performance and applications similar to oil-based raw materials, such as bio-based PC with optical properties, bio-based PA that can be used for circuit breakers and battery housing; PLA for large-object 3D printing etc. In addition, there are various high-performance recycled plastics and production equipment, such as rHDPE food grade recycled granulation system, PET bottle to bottle recycled granulation system equipped with more AI elements and innovative recognition technology to achieve “Green and low-carbon transformation and circular economy”.

The 4th edition of CHINAPLAS X CPRJ Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase took place on 16 April, one-day prior to the show opening, in Shenzhen. It attracted more than 800 senior government officials and representatives from industry organizations, brands, machinery and material suppliers worldwide who shared their views on these relevant policies and industry trends and presented the actual cases of plastics recycling in China and Asia.

By attending Tech Talk, visitors can learn more about green and leading technologies and its applications. Over 30 latest technologies will be revealed in a series of open forums presenting the hottest and highly advanced products and technologies under five different themes: eco-friendly solutions, medical plastics & antimicrobial solutions, surface treatment solutions, lightweight solutions, innovative materials.

Sustainability Resonator is an installation art co-created by a young multidisciplinary artist, Alex Long and enterprises from the plastics and rubber industries, over 1,500+ voice contributors have already participated in the creation of the installation with their voices. The collected sounds can be presented in a piece of “voice cell” and assembled to a crowd-generating installation art with the help of 3D printing, parametric design and green material. It aims to disseminate the ideas of “environmental protection, recycling, jointly shaping the future of the plastics industry, additive manufacturing, crossover innovation, biodegradation and sustainable development”.

Powered by Innovation and International Visitors

Overseas visitors with sourcing needs are planning to travel to Shenzhen in this spring, a golden season for sourcing and business talks. CHINAPLAS 2023 has prepared well for both local and overseas visitors to exchange high-tech technologies and explore business cooperation opportunities. This year, the show is expecting to serve over 300 delegations, including 40+ overseas delegations recruited from plastics associations and end-user associations in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia etc.

A wide spectrum of brands from end-user markets, universities and research centres will gather at another concurrent event – Applications in Focus, to share more than 70 hot topics, including high performance plastics and rubber applications, photovoltaic, plastics and rubber antibacterial technology, sterilization packaging, green low-carbon and circular economy etc. in total 12 thematic seminars.

Last but not least, on the last day of the show, Market Insights Hub shall bring six professional forums, providing insights and business inspiration on various topics, including practical testing and certification tips for food contact material and medical device, RCEP business opportunities, new media marketing strategies, cost reduction in factory operation and latest market trends of plastic raw materials.

To deal with the intensifying job competitions of graduates, cooperation of colleges and enterprises has become more important nowadays. The show will gather the teenagers’ elites from multiple universities in Shenzhen to hold “Development Day for Campus Elites” for talent matching which helps more than 10 enterprises to discover the future stars in the plastics and rubber industries by listing hundreds of job openings.

Innovative has become one of the core values of CHINAPLAS. The market trends keep changing, the demands stay varying, the technologies are evolving whereas enhancing business and technological exchanges between Chinese and the rest of the world, serving the global plastics and rubber industries with continuous pursuit of innovations, remain the missions of CHINAPLAS,” said Ms. Ada LEUNG, General Manager, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

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