Chem-Pak Launches Enhanced Formulation of Per-Fix® Color Match Line

Latest version of popular flaw repair coating offers variety of significantly improved properties.

At the 2018 National Plastics Exposition, Chem-Pak unveiled a new formulation of its popular, customized Per-Fix® Color Match sprays for repair of surface flaws on color parts. A wide range of properties of the coatings has been improved, including shelf life, better UV resistance, and enhanced flaw coverage.

In the plastics industry, it is common for molded components to have visual manufacturing defects leading to increased scrap rates, part rejects, and expensive rework. Plastics processors who are looking to dramatically reduce their scrap rates, especially on color parts with cosmetic surface flaws, will be encouraged by one of the many product launches at the 2018 National Plastics Exposition. Chem-Pak (Martinsburg, WV) has developed a new formulation of its popular Per-Fix® Color Match spray line offered in both convenience aerosol and liquid for  spray gun application. This flaw repair coating, which is customized to match the color and gloss of the parts being molded, has had several enhancements to make it even more valuable for molders.

“We are very excited to introduce to the molding industry, a totally reformulated Per-Fix Color Match flaw repair that makes it even faster and easier to repair the most severe molding defects on plastic parts,” notes Randy Duane, President and CEO of Chem-Pak. “Our new Color Match coating provides an even better match of your part’s color and gloss with improved performance properties, better coverage of severe defects, lower odor, and a custom spray system that’s easy and ergonomically comfortable for operators to use, all without any increase in price, while meeting all existing VOC, MIR, and other regulations in US, Canada, and Mexico. Quite simply, Per-Fix Color Match eliminates rework and reduces labor costs.” Chem-Pak’s newest product line is the result of a highly successful and continued partnership with Toyota Motor Manufacturing, which began in 2005.

Color Match coatings now have a one-year shelf life. Aerosols will require less agitation and the new custom, ergonomic spray tip will provide a professional spray pattern. Designed to be a
true touch-up coating, Chem-Pak has further improved the spray atomization for seamless blending with the rest of the part. Users will also find the new Color Match product offers a
number of other benefits, including improved UV resistance, enhanced flaw coverage, additional mar resistance, plus many others.

Development of a custom Color Match coating is the same as before. To arrive at a permanent and seamless flaw repair solution that specifically matches exact color and gloss specifications of a customer’s molded part, Chem-Pak requests that a sample part be sent to its lab for analysis. Next, a prototype aerosol or liquid coating sample is created and shipped to you for trial and approval. Once approved, the new Color Match coating can be commercially manufactured in as little as four weeks.

Color Match coatings are available for a wide range of compatible surfaces, including polypropylene, TPO, ABS, styrene/polycarbonate, PVC/vinyl, nylon, and other substrates. Chem-Pak’s newest product line is the result of a highly successful partnership with Toyota Motor Manufacturing, which began in 2005.

Chem-Pak also offers a wide variety of in-stock Per-Fix solutions that ship within 24 hours. Per-Fix Clear is for light flaws and gloss imperfections. Per-Fix Black is for heavier defects on
black parts. Chem-Pak, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Martinsburg, WV, is a leading provider of proprietary chemical formulary solutions to a range of industries. Its polymer coatings focus on flaw repair for the plastics industry and help molders in the automotive, office furniture, electronics, and many other markets improve efficiencies.

For more information, contact: Chem-Pak, Inc., 242 Corning Way, Martinsburg, WV 25405, (304) 262-1880, Fax (304) 262-9643,,