PurgePacks™ – High Performance Purging Solution

Bag melts in your barrel, not in your hand!
Bag melts in your barrel, not in your hand!


  • Easy to Use
  • No Mixing or Weighing
  • Supreme Purging Performance
  • No Soaking or Temperature Requirements
  • FDA Compliant Ingredients 21 CFR 174-178 & 186
  • Environmentally Safe
  • 100% Active – No Carrier
  • Compatible with All Resins
  • Reduces Purging Costs
  • Store packs below 95°F

PurgePacks™ are an individually packaged and pre-measured High Performance Purging Solution designed specifically to Simplify the Purging Process and Reduce the Costs associated with the purging process; downtime, resin consumption and product economics. PurgePacks™ contain a high performance liquid purging compound that is designed for use with all of the major resins used in injection molding, blow molding & extrusion and is FDA Compliant. This eliminates the need to inventory multiple purging products. PurgePacks™ require no soaking or temperature adjustments for optimum performance – simply place the sealed PurgePacks™ directly into the hopper/feed throat and follow with the resin for the next job – it’s that simple. Pack bag melts at 235°F (polypropylene).

Click here for more information on our 3 grades.

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