New Rechner Capacitive Sensor

New Rechner capacitive sensor with built-in adjustable timer from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  Control the fill cycle for feed troughs, silos, and other bulk storage tanks.  The normally closed output will signal the timing function to begin.

All functions are accessible under the plug at the back of the sensor.   The housing is IP67 – watertight and dust tight when the plug is in place.  The sensor is flush mount for noncontact sensing through the wall of a plastic or glass container but could be mounted flush through a hole in a metal container to be in contact with the product.  Use the 20-turn potentiometer for accurate adjustment of the long sensing range of 2-20mm and ignore any product build up on the sensor face.

This M30 sensor operates on 20-250 VAC/DC and can work in temperatures up to +70C/158F.

The KA1742 sensors are assembled at the Rechner location in Milton, ON.

For more details contact: or 800-544-4106