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The WSB-MB MicroBlender™, the smallest weigh scale blender in the world, features the latest technology in gravimetric blending. The MicroBlender™ makes the benefits of gravimetric blending accessible and affordable to plastics processors operating small machines. The MicroBlender™ is capable of blending up to 4 components at a rate of 140 lb/hr (63 kg/hr). All material hoppers are removable for fast and convenient material changes. The Maguire Weigh Scale Blender controller is remotely mounted providing easy access for the operator.
  • Precise Dispensing System

    Pneumatic valves operating in conjunction with advanced software deliver actual batch accuracy of (0.1%). The Maguire MicroBlender™ includes the unique Micro-Pulse technology, which virtually eliminates the need for augers to achieve accuracy when dispensing minor ingredients. Micro-Pulse gives you the capability of dispensing as few as 2 or 3 pellets per pulse cycle.

  • Reduced Weight and Footprint

    Totally pneumatic system eliminates motors which reduces the weight of the blender to 50 lb. (22.7 kg). The unit is just under 2 feet high and has a 6 in. x 6 in. footprint.

  • Removable Material Supply Hoppers

    Each of the removable bins contains a pneumatic quick disconnect for fast removal, cleaning, and replacement when changing colors of materials.

  • Unique Removable Access Door

    The weigh pan and mix chamber are easily accessed through a removable door. The mix chamber agitator is permanently attached to the door and uncouples from the drive mechanism when the door is removed. This unique safety feature renders the agitator inoperable when the machine is opened and eliminates the need for electrical interlocks.

  • Vibration Management

    Proprietary technology eliminates false load cell readings caused by machine shock or vibration. This greater accuracy is critical when the blender is mounted on a fast cycling molding machine.

  • Greater Documentation Capabilities

    The MicroBlender™ can be linked with the Maguire materials management software for expanded control and reporting capabilities. Blend certification, process verification and documentation for ISO 9000 initiatives are among the requirements met by this data acquisition software.

How It Works

All components are blended by weight based on the setting shown on the master controller. Each component is dispensed separately into a single weighing chamber, and then all components are dropped into a continuous mixing chamber which delivers a homogenous blend.

The entire unit is designed to mount over the feed throat of the process machine. Maguire’s unique weighing method allows blenders to operate correctly in spite of vibration or shaking caused by the molding machine or extruder.

  • All Materials Metered By Weight
    • Accuracy is constantly monitored.
    • Automatic compensation for varying densities.
  • Extreme Accuracy
    • In actual operation, color and additive is held to within 1/10 of 1% of requested ratio.
  • Automatic Recalibration
    • Every batch is followed by an error correction routine that continuously hunts toward perfect dispense weights.
  • Direct Setting of Percentages; No calculations
    • Enter settings for percentage of color, additive, and regrind on the thumbwheel switches and the system does the rest.
  • Very Simple Operation
    • Load hoppers with material; REGRIND, NATURAL, COLOR, ADDITIVE.
    • Set thumbwheel switches for percentage desired.
    • Turn controller on.
    • The unit now operates automatically, adding components in the proper percentages. If material runs out an alarm will sound.
Model Batch Size Components Slide Gates Vertical Valves Capacity Overall Dimensions Overall Weight
0.9 lb
(0.4 kg)
4 0 4 up to 140 lb/hr
(up to 64 kg/hr)
16x16x23.5 (in)
410x410x600 (mm)
50 lb
(23 kg)


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