Low Flow Indicator with Optional Delta-Q® Precision Flow Regulator

The Smartflow Low Flow Indicator with Optional Delta-Q Precision Regulator is an economical flow display solution. It is suitable for use inside critical, restricted cooling paths such as injection mold cooling lines with bubblers or baffles.

The design and materials are based on the proven flowmeter platform of Smartflow small mechanical flowmeters. The unique flow path design provides visual indication of flow between 0.3 and 4 Liters Per Minute (0.08 to 1 GPM).

Maximum operating pressure is 6.9bar (100psi) for use in standard process water cooling circuits. The new low flow indicator and the Delta-Q precision flow regulator form a cohesive assembly for additional control of flow if needed. Temperature and pressure gauges along with quick disconnect fittings can be added for increased functionality. Threaded connections are available in brass or reinforced nylon materials in sizes 1/4”, 3/8” and ½” in NPT or BSPP.

This new flow indicator operates at a much lower flow rate than existing mechanical flow meters, economically and reliably solving the problem of unknown cooling conditions inside restricted, critical cooling channels.

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