Injection Molding Machines

Sesotec metal separators and magnet systems separate and remove metal particles that may be present in the plastic granulate (even when enclosed in the product) entering injection-molding machines, thus preventing damage to molds, hot nozzles and valves.

A magnetic separator for higher material throughputs and larger column diameters (40 – 120 mm) and particle sizes (8 – 10 mm), the EXTRACTOR-SE is installed at the feedstock intake of injection-molding machines, and is used to separate out ferrous metals from heavily contaminated feedstock.

These metal separators are designed to be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined vacuum and pressure pipes. Detection and removal of contaminants is effective even at high speeds and rejected material is removed into a container with no interruption to material flow.

Permanently magnetic grid magnets can be supplied in circular, rectangular or square format and are therefore universally applicable. Ferrous particles are filtered out from bulk material as they pass through the magnetic grid.


An economical permanent magnet system installed at the feedstock intake of injection-molding machines, the GMT eliminates larger particles of ferrous metals to produce a higher quality product and reduce expensive repairs.



The magnetic separation system MAGBOX AUTO-CLEAN is used in process lines for the efficient and automated cleaning of even the finest ferrous contaminations from gravity fed bulk materials.

MAGBOX inline magnets are mainly installed in existing pipeline systems to remove fine and very fine ferrous metal contaminants from bulk materials.

Metal detector for installation in pipeline systems, e.g. for free-fall applications, pneumatic conveyor lines, material columns that are slowly moving down, or pump feed lines. The metal detector is used for the inspection of bulk materials, fibres, or liquid/pasty products.


Metal separator for lower material throughputs. The PROTECTOR is installed directly above the material infeed of the blow molding machine, and reliably separates out impurities beginning from a size of 0,3mm in the feedstock, both during initial filling and refilling.


The special design of the PROTECTOR PROFESSIONAL guarantees highest scanning sensitivity for smallest metal particles even under high mechanical loads, which may result from high superstructural assemblies, for example when various conveying, dosing, mixing, or feeding units are used simultaneously. The design with integrated reinforcing frame ensures that the high-performance detection unit is in no way affected by vertical mechanical forces.


Metal separator for larger material throughputs. The MFE is installed directly above the material infeed of injection molding machines. The pneumatically-driven reject system guarantees effective and reliable separation even for large grain size.


PROTECTOR-XHT is a metal separator in high-temperature version for a processing temperature of max. 200ºC. The separator is installed directly at the inlet of an injection-moulding machine or after the dryer, and thus inspects all the fed materials at the Last Chance Control Point.


A robust magnet system in a low-profile (60 mm) configuration that is especially suited to restricted areas. The SAFEMAG is installed just above the feedstock intake of the injection-molding machine. Its unique design means that no plastic material is deposited on the device.


Permanent magnetic filter bars can be installed anywhere in the bulk material stream. The extremely high magnetic forces separate even weakly magnetized stainless steel particles from the product stream.



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