High Temperature, Low Flow Indicator for Injection Mold Cooling Applications

Burger & Brown Engineering is pleased to announce the release of a new High Temperature Low Flow Indicator to demonstrate the presence of flow inside critical, restricted cooling paths such as those with bubblers or baffles.

High temperature cooling channels are susceptible to scale buildup due to the nature of the cooling media. If scale builds up to block these cooling channels, the rotor will stop moving, providing a visual indication of loss of media movement.

The compact indicator is comprised of a stainless steel body with 3/8”NPT or 3/8”BSPP threaded connections. A highvisibility impeller sits behind high temperature glass window for visual indication of flow.

The new Flow Indicator is designed to operate between 0.3 and 4 Liters Per Minute (0.08 to 1 GPM) at maximum temperature of 204°C (400°F), and maximum pressure of 17.2bar (250psi). The indicator is suitable for use with high pressure hot water mold cooling systems.

This new flow indicator operates at a much lower flow rate than existing high temperature flow meters, solving the problem of unknown cooling conditions inside critical channels.

Optional high pressure and temperature flow regulator can be added to provide molders fine adjustment to cooling circuit flow rates.

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