Extruder Control – The Commander

Controls for Single Extruder Lines
Install and Configure Yourself


The FACTS Commander is a complete control system for single extruder applications. The Commander brings to you the expertise gained from more than 25 years of supplying a wide range of extrusion control systems at a self installed price.

Modernize your extruder controls
Replace discrete controllers, buttons and knobs
Produce consistency and repeatability

Download the Datasheet


Temperature Control

  • 8 Barrel Zones – Heat/Cool
  • 8 Tooling and Die Zones – Heat Only
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Automatic Blocking Contactor Control
  • Automatic Water Pump Contactor

Speed Control

  • Extruder RPM
  • Secondary Drive
  • Line Speed Echo Output
  • Automatic Start/Stop and Speed Control
  • Monitor Drive Faults and Loads

Miscellaneous Monitor and Control

  • Monitor 3 Pressure Transducers
  • Melt Temperature – J Thermocouple
  • Monitor 2 Auxiliary – J Thermocouple
  • Automatic Lube Pump Contactor Control
  • Monitor Heater Currents with Optional Transducers


  • 15″ Touch Screen Operator Interface DIsplay
  • Steel Plate Mounting Bezel
  • Remote I/O Rack
  • 110 VAC or 24 VDC Control Voltage
  • Operating Temperature to 55 Celsius


  • User Configurable
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface Display
  • Unlimited Recipes / Product Codes
  • Alarm System Including Control Tolerance Alarms and Absolute Machine Protection Alarms
  • Configurable User Security Code System  & Operator Access Restrictions
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Trend Any Monitored or Controlled Process Item
  • Built in Diagnostic Displays
  • Change any Tuning Factor On-the-Fly
  • Auto-Calibration of Input Scaling and Offset Factors
  • Monitor Heater Currents with Optional Current Transducers
  • Automatic Backup of System Files Each Day to Allow the System to be Restored in the Event of a Failure
  • Capture All PRocess Data and Event Logs to Your Computer Through Optional FACTS Link


  • Custom Mounting Plate Sizes
  • Heater Current Transducers
  • Sola Regulating Transformer
  • Data Collection & Event Logging Software
  • AC or DC Control Voltage
  • FACTS Pressure Transducer Interface Module (PTiM)


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