Davis-Standard’s SHO (Super High Output) Offers Next Level Groove Feed Performance

Davis-Standard is pleased to introduce the latest in the company’s groove feed innovation with the launch of its SHO extruder. Equipped to save space while offering outputs up to 20 percent higher than existing groove feed models, the SHO is engineered with an optimized feed section and high-performance, energy-efficient DSB® barrier screw. This is especially beneficial for high-viscosity HDPE applications such as pipe extrusion, where lower melt temperatures, reduced power consumption and improved energy efficiency are paramount.

“Improving energy efficiency equates to tangible savings for your operation while reducing your carbon footprint,” said John Christiano, VP Technology. Groove feed extrusion technology contributes to improving your bottom line while providing uncompromising melt quality. “The SHO builds upon our existing groove feed technology with a more streamlined, compact footprint and even greater performance in terms of output and energy savings.”

The SHO features Davis-Standard’s next-generation gearcase to optimize valuable production space along with a streamlined hopper, low-profile power panel, rugged base, and all components fully enclosed. Advantages include improvements in output, output consistency, melt quality, reduced purging/changeover time, and energy efficiency. It is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches (50 to 150mm) with an L/D of 42:1.

For more information about the SHO or Davis-Standard’s groove feed extrusion capabilities, contact us: https://bit.ly/3IlWOt4