Davis-Standard’s Compact CHP Extruder Delivers Big Performance

Davis-Standard is pleased to introduce a new compact extruder engineered for extrusion coating applications – the CHP. The machine’s sleek design offers a smaller footprint and lighter weight to allow for easier addition to an existing carriage or platform structure. This provides processors with a space-saving replacement or coextrusion addition for increasing outputs and line speed.

“This design addresses profitability factors such as reduced raw material loss, improved outputs, and greater application development,” said Danis Roy, Davis-Standard Vice President – Sales Films & Flexible Packaging. “The CHP is built for exceptional performance with improved transition times and significantly higher processing rates than conventional extruders. We’re excited about the results we’ll see in the field.”

The CHP is available in sizes ranging from 2 inches (52mm) to 100mm. Processors benefit from efficient mixing that delivers low pressure and melt temperature variability and output rates up to 80 to100 percent higher than current extruder options. In addition, a reduced residence time of 3:1 with a faster purge between resins and colors supports quick changeovers minimizing raw material loss for bottom-line impact. Davis-Standard has a CHP extruder at its laboratory facility in Pawcatuck, Conn., for customers to run trials and validate processing opportunities prior to purchase.

For more information about the CHP or Davis-Standard’s extrusion coating capabilities, contact us: https://bit.ly/3DhMYVc