Cast-In Heating & Air-Cooled Shroud Systems

Cool TO-THE Touch Extruder Heat/Cool System

Tempco’s Cool TO-THE Touch extruder heat/cool systems are custom engineered to provide optimal heating and cooling while providing personnel safety with a Cool Touch perforated outer layer. These systems are designed with finned cast-in heaters that optimize overall system efficiency.

The reflective inner layer of the shroud decreases the heat-up cycle, reducing energy consumption. The “maxi-flow” unrestricted blower port directs inlet air to the hottest part of the casting and distributes it evenly over the entire cross section of the zone.

Cool TO-THE Touch
Dual Layer Shroud with Inner Stainless Steel solid layer (thermally isolated from heater) and Outer Stainless Steel Perforated Layer for Maximum Venting and Heat Dissipation that is Cool Touch
Usage Requirements
The Cool TO-THE Touch Construction Style achieves best results when built for Tempco’s High-Efficiency Finned Cast-In Heaters.

Cool TO-THE Touch shown with optional dual blowers mounted vertically with knock-outs for heater termination(s) and top vertical air outlet

Cool TO-THE Touch Construction Details

Dual Layer Shroud

    • Inner Stainless Steel solid layer – radiation shield that directs the cooling air flow over the heater


  • Outer Stainless Steel perforated layer – isolates hot surfaces from contact (cool touch)


Shroud Assembly Features


  • Hinge with Clamps (Clamshell) – designed for ease of installation
  • Two Individual Halves with Clamps (Two-Piece) – used where installation space is tight or mounting is difficult
  • Clamping – Standard Barrel Clamps or Optional Adjustable Clamps
  • Internal Support Straps or Support U-Bolt on blower mount half of shroud permits shroud to be opened for servicing without removing unit from barrel
  • Anti-Rotate Tabs – used only with Finned Cast-In Heaters to prevent shroud from radial and axial movement around the barrel
    • Tabs are cast as part of the heater and may require a Terminal Box
  • Blower Options – See page 3-43 through 3-45 for Complete Details
    • Single or Dual Tempco Recommended Blowers available from 148 CFM up to 1210 CFM at 115V or 230V
    • Customer Specified blower
    • Blower not required for Heat-Only Shrouds
  • Blower Location
    • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
    • Extension Housings Available
  • Standard separate top Air Outlet
  • Optional Air Outlet Features Include:
    • Air Outlet Shield deflects air flow out of shroud and shields shroud from external solid contamination
    • Air Outlet combined with Terminal Box
    • Alternate Radial Air Outlet locations available
  • Shroud Air-Inlet Baffle Optional


Heater Type and Components

  • Recommended Heater Types – Finned Cast-In Heaters with standard 1/4″ gap between heater halves, Ceramic Band and Maxiband Heaters
  • Power Input Terminal Box with 7/8″ dia. K.O. for 1/2″ conduit:
    • Standard 10-32 stud termination with ceramic or mica insulator
    • With Louvered Cover – used when terminal box is separate from air-outlet
    • Stainless Steel Screen – used when terminal box is combined with air outlet
  • Power Input through Blower Mount – input wiring through knock-outs in blower mount eliminates terminal box and facilitates ease of heater service
  • Optional internal Bus Bars for ceramic band heaters or Bus Wiring for other style heaters

Sensing and Controlling


  • Existing Zone Control Probe – Shroud System can be designed per customer specifications
  • Tempco supplied Zone Control Probe
  • Tempco customized Power Control Panel designed to complete Your Thermal Loop System



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