Apex Industries Introduces Streamlined Systems for Chemical Management

Apex Industries is introducing a set of streamlined solutions to better address stringent chemical management requirements in the semiconductor industry.

It consists of three components: a barrel cabinet system, a valve box, and patent-pending LED light strips.

Gemini™ Barrel Cabinet System: Built to Fit – and to Last

Sturdier and safer than other products on the market, the Gemini™ barrel cabinet system ranges from a single barrel storage unit to a multi-barrel configuration with integrated PLC for dosing applications. Each unit can be customized to precisely fit its environment and the chemical containment requirement. Options include doors, sensors, and valves. The Gemini™ supports single, dual, and multi-barrel dual totes – all in a variety of polymers – as well as daisy-chaining cabinets.

Freyr™ LED Light Strips: Reliable Lighting in Harsh Environments

All versions of the Gemini™ feature Apex’ proprietary Freyr™ LED light strips, designed and sealed to perform in harsh chemical environments. It provides process critical lighting and safe operation, even when submerged or exposed to corrosive gases and liquids.

Mike Strand, President of Apex Industries, explains: “Chemical containment is a critical factor in a company’s overall safety and compliance programs. The products we saw on the market got the job done, but they were not focused on safety, ease of maintenance, or built to last. With the Gemini, we aimed to craft a more streamlined, durable, and configurable solution that would take the headache out of the chemical management and bulk delivery process.”

Lyra™ Valve Box: Custom Configuration, Accelerated Deployment

A complement to the Gemini™ or a standalone option, the Lyra™ valve box is a molded PVC enclosure, designed to accommodate a wide range of tubing and valve options. Built on the known dimensions of a standard-size valve box, the Lyra™ can be configured to customer specifications and deployed in just weeks compared to the months-long process of developing a solution from scratch.

The Gemini™ barrel cabinet system, Lyra™ valve box, and Freyr™ LED light strip will be among chemical management solutions Apex plans to display at SemiCon West, July 10-12th, in San Francisco.

About Apex Industries
With more than twenty years’ experience in precision plastics manufacturing, Apex Industries has become a leader in fabrication, integration, and engineering services for semiconductor processes, chemical containment, and fluid distribution applications.

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