A/B/A Three Layer Blown Film Machine


  • Horizontal Oscillating Haul off with PLC control.
  • Motorized open/close, up/down Bubble Cage.
  • Manual screen changer.
  • Groove Feed Barrel(65mm) and cooling jacket.
  • Melt pressure Gauge.
  • 150mm A/B/A three layer Die and HDPE Air Ring.

Optional Devices:

  • Chiller and Chill Air Box for Air Ring.
  • Gravimetric blender dosing system.
  • LDPE/LLDPE A/B/A Die and Air Ring.
  • Slitting knife.
  • Yield control management system.
  • Thickness measurement system.
    • BF-A A-Frame thickness measurement system.
    • BF-E edge thickness measurement system.
    • BF-S scanner thickness measurement system.
  • Automatic Back-to-Back Surface Winder.
  • 250 kg mixer.

For More Information: http://www.lungmengusa.com/