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Virtus Equipment is the leading supplier of recycling equipment for demanding plastics size reduction.  Our industrial single shaft shreddersheavy-duty granulatorsbeside the press granulators, and pulverizers, along with accessories like blowers, conveyors, and metal separation, have made us a vital link for the plastic recycling industry.

After all, Virtus Equipment’s plastics recycling machinery is ruggedly built, powerful, and low-noise omitting.  Offering the capability to size reduce a wide range of recyclable material.

The Virtus Equipment sales process starts by understanding a customer’s needs. Our experienced sales teams help find the right solution for a specific application, taking into account the material and local requirements related to safety.

We have designed our plastic recycling equipment for plastic inline scrap, central granulator systems, post-consumer waste (PCW), plastic post-industrial waste, refuse-derived fuel (RDF) applications, processing paper, plastics, rubber, tires, wood, and many other challenging materials.

Virtus Equipment offers a full range of industrial recycling machinery; we are one of the very few recycling machinery makers to have the whole spectrum under one roof.  This gives us the advantage of putting together the right size-reduction system to get your job done the best and most economical way.

Virtus Equipment can be found in plants across the world.  Virtus Equipment’s plastic waste shredders play an integral recycling role in shredding plastic in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, blown film, and cast film factories. They process rejects, runners, sprues, parts, purgings, pipe, profiles, bags, bottles, bales, buckets, tubs, film, fiber, containers, drums, IBCs – in short, anything made of plastic.

Powered by German engineering, our stand-alone units and custom-built systems provide efficient, reliable, and safe service — with excellent results.

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