Rinco Ultrasonics
Danbury, CT


RINCO ULTRASONICS is a world leader in the field of ultrasonic welding and cutting technology. Ultrasonic technology makes it possible to achieve virtually perfect welding and cutting results while also guaranteeing cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The precision and repeatability of ultrasonic welding and cutting is highly valued across a range of different sectors, such as automotive, food processing, medical technology and textiles. Ultrasonic welding is the most efficient way of bonding thermoplastic materials in a reliable and permanent manner. It ensures precision and provides process control data to guarantee reliable results. Ultrasonic cutting enables efficient and hygienic food slicing while minimizing maintenance. The food products are not deformed in any way and no residues are left on the blade. Synthetic textiles can also be bonded or cut using ultrasonics. A clean cut is achieved without any fraying, as the ultrasonic technology seals the edge during the cutting process. The use of Rinco Ultrasonic equipment enables clean, economical and sustainable processes which can last for decades. RINCO ULTRASONICS has a global presence with over 130 employees and representatives in more than 40 countries, all of whom understand the technology and are available to serve you.


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