New Filter Materials for Hydraulic Systems Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
80% of hydraulic system malfunctions can be traced back to fluid contamination. The newest generation of filters from Bosch Rexroth are able to improve retention rates and increase dirt-holding capacity.

There’s a Revolution in Speed-Variable Hydraulics Technology
Variable-speed pump drives that combine electric drive technology with hydraulics are growing in popularity among machine designers. Rexroth explains how they offer the best of both worlds: intelligent efficiency and ease of integration coupled with robustness and power density.

7 Tips for Designing or Specifying the Right Hydraulic Power Unit
Learn Rexroth’s 7 fundamental considerations for designing or specifying the right hydraulic power unit. Given the broad range of potential use cases for power units, Rexroth demonstrates how to determine the best approach for your specific application needs.

Five Reasons Why Now is the Time to Consider a Press Retrofit
Presses are hard-working machines, and many have been in service for years—some since the early 1950s. These five reasons explain why retrofitting may be the best approach to upgrading your production quickly with these hard-working machines.

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The Plastics Industry Loses a Veteran, Charlie Sears
Charles Sears, the president of DRI-AIR Industries passed away on August 5th after a recent battle with cancer. Read More

STEER inducts industry expert SUBBA BANGERA into Board of Directors; designates as Vice-Chairman
STEER, creator of advanced materials platform technology that effectively transforms and functionalises materials in the field of plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining, announces the induction of Mr. SUBBA BANGERA, Chairman, Active Biz Solutions Pvt. Ltd, into the company’s Board of Directors, with effect from July 27, 2018. Read More

Longtime Rep Corporation President Tim Graham Assuming New Role at Company
REP Corporation (Bartlett, Illinois), the market leader in rubber molding machinery, today announces that Tim Graham, the company’s president since 2005 and a REP employee since 1979, will assume a new role, effective January 1st 2019. Read More

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