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Central Drying Systems

Dri-Air CDA stands are modular hopper stands that bolt together for a centralized drying system. Stands include heater and blower packages to assure a constant stream of low dewpoint air to the hoppers, with hopper […]

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Replace your Wearstrips now at a HUGE Savings!

• 40% bronze filled PTFE • Etched one side for bonding to guideways • Two thicknesses: 0.048” thick and 0.0625” thick • 048 rolls: 99’ long, 062 rolls: 67’ long • Rolls are 12” wide […]

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JemmTron Corona Silicone Treater Sleeves

With JemmTron Silicone Corona Treater Sleeves you can: Eliminate the need for costly spare rollers Shrink Costly Maintenance Inventories Replaced In-plant to Reduce Downtime Eliminate expensive two-way shipping costs Eliminate the need for heavy metal […]

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Cast-In Heating & Air-Cooled Shroud Systems

Cool TO-THE Touch Extruder Heat/Cool System Tempco’s Cool TO-THE Touch extruder heat/cool systems are custom engineered to provide optimal heating and cooling while providing personnel safety with a Cool Touch perforated outer layer. These systems […]

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Chem-Vac Cool Under Pressure

High-capacity with cool operation Cost effective bulk transfer Since their introduction, Chem-Vac® pneumatic conveyors continue proving themselves as reliable workhorses transferring plastics day after day in demanding industrial environments. Capacities Ranging from 35,000 to 135,000 […]


Maguire Purging Recovery System

A low cost alternative to conventional size reduction equipment. Transforms purgings into high-quality regrind but costs substantially less than conventional equipment. For more information about the Maguire Purging Recovery System including Standard Features and Specifications […]

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Corrugated Silos

45 Or 60 Degree Cone Available. 9′, 12′ & 18′ Diameters Available. Capacities From 13,000 Lbs To 196,000 Lbs Based On Material @ 35lbs/cu.ft. Installation Available Outstanding quality! Standard Features: Perimeter railing & toe plate […]

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Berlyn ECM Extruders

Berlyn ECM offers extruders which provide greater stability and longer system life that help our customers maintain a healthy bottom line. They benefit from the many innovative, customer-focused processes that we incorporate into the manufacturing […]